Sep 30, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee 2008-09-30, Tg. Aru.


I always wanted to join Ultimate Frisbee. Not to mention the game as well. I got the chance today and took action shots of them using my kit lens before the call me in to substitute (which now I know why they keep on substituting). One of the players threw a high one and my friend Brian leaped and caught it.


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I like photography. I love taking pictures. I can't call myself a "Photographer" yet. So I stick to calling myself a "picture taker" for now. An Amateur Experimental Picture Taker.

Armed with my Canon EOS 450D. I like taking candid shots as I feel the life is there. The smiles and gestures are priceless when taken at the right moment as it was not faked.

This blog is to share my experience and to learn with every each step taken.

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