Dec 1, 2008

Playing around with the Night and Shutterspeed.

I was bored at home when luckily a friend called out to do some night shot and paint-with-light experiment. Waiting for the night to come, I grabbed my equipment and pick up my friend. We played around 1Borneo, taking pictures of the lights and neons (will upload a bit later).

Before leaving, I suggested that we experiment with moving cars. Thus the picture I got.

Jade Halloween Party Photoshoot

This was done around 1 month ago. It's for Jade's Halloween Party in Api-Api, Kota Kinabalu, so they need pictures for their promo posters. Everything was planned less than 24 hours. Having less equipments, we (Chucky and I) decided to go on. Armed with 2 flashes and a flashlight, together with Jade as the "makeshift studio", we did the best we could to produce some pictures for the poster. These are my pictures, some of it made it as posters.

Special thanks to Cheryl Lo as my model, Jofanna of Jofanna Bridal for the make up and Chucky for equips and ideas.

Go to the Jade Halloween Party Photoshoot in Flickr.

Oct 29, 2008

Borneo International Marathon 2008, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

On 12th October 2008, I was invited to cover the 1st Borneo International Marathon 2008 held here in Kota Kinabalu. Covering such a prestigious event was great, I've met a few awesome photographers and few celebrity runners as well.

Hope to cover more events like these in the future.

Go to the Borneo International Marathon 2008 Coverage on Flicker.

Sep 30, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee 2008-09-30, Tg. Aru.


I always wanted to join Ultimate Frisbee. Not to mention the game as well. I got the chance today and took action shots of them using my kit lens before the call me in to substitute (which now I know why they keep on substituting). One of the players threw a high one and my friend Brian leaped and caught it.

Photo Enthusiast Spotted


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